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Air handling unit MANDÍK with heat pump

Modular air handling units are intended for central distribution and conditioning of air in both industrial and commercial applications. The units contain plate air-air energy recovery heat exchanger and integrated cooling circuit with or without reversible run for after-cooling or after-heating of the supplied air. They feature high efficiency of air distribution and conditioning with minimal operating costs. They offer airflow volume from 500 to 25 000 m3/h. They are completely designed and certified in a unique frameless casing. High design variability - custom solutions.



  • airflow volume from 500 to 25 000 m3/h
  • square or rectangular cross section
  • proposal according request for ecodesign requirements pursuant to EU regulation 1253/2014, ErP 2016, ErP 2018
  • unit casing certified by the Munich laboratory of TÜV-SÜD
  • EUROVENT certification and the possibility of the proposal in the energy classes up to A + and exposure to the energy label
  • certification according to the requirements of the German Association of manufacturers of air handling equipment RLT and the possibility of the proposal in the energy classes up to A + and issuing energy label certified by the German company TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH
  • standard configuration - supply and exhaust parts of the unit one above/next to each other
  • possible selection of surface finish by powder painting - external/internal parts of casing and sheet metal parts of the unit internals
  • indoor, outdoor or hygienic versions
  • smooth internal surface in standard design without additional assembly modifications
  • fully connected and commissioned integrated cooling circuit with or without reversible run
  • possibility of selection of a bivalent source in extremal design conditions - water, steam or gas-fired reheater
  • the cooling circuit can be rated for ecological coolants R410A or R407C
  • control system on the Carel or Siemens Climatix platform delivered as installed and debugged
  • attention paid to high quality workmanship
  • attention paid to high quality of proven and certified purchased components
  • attention to easy access for service and maintenance

Mechanical performance of casing

Certified by TÜV SÜD, Munich according to EN 1886.
For the whole power range of M, P, T air power 500 - 100 000 m3/h.
Mechanical strength of casing: D1 (M)                    Thermal transmittance: T3
Class leakages casing: L1 (M)                    Thermal bridging of the casing: TB2
Filter bypass leakage: 0.5% - F9 (M)
Acoustic insulation of the casing: Hz 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
  dB 14 23 26 36 38 40 47

Air handling unit functions

  Air filtration - frame, bag, compact grease filters, HEPA filters, active charcoal
  Air distribution - direct driven AC or EC motors
  Air conditioning - heating - water, steam, electrical, gas

 - cooling - water, direct evaporator

 - heat recovery - plate (cross/counter-flow heat exchanger), rotary recovery, liquid

 - humidifying - steam, water

  Noise attenuation - baffle silencers

Engineering design of the air handling units

  Air handling units with heat pump are designed by our specialists after receipt of the customer's specifications.
  Possibility of using our free service of engineering design by our specialists, or contact to sales representatives CONTACTS.