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Compact, Flat “Under-Ceilling” Air Handling Unit MANDÍK

The new fully dynamic range of compact air handling units is designed for central distribution of fresh air in buildings intended for commercial and industrial purposes. Thanks to new advanced software and sophisticated design, the units can be resized dynamically. This means the possibility of a unique design of standard and atypical units according to a specific assignment, including dimensional restrictions. You can choose from a wide range of internal components and their combinations. The units are completely manufactured and certified in a unique frameless design and are designed for indoor placement. The design of the units is very thin and flat.

The basic equipment of the unit is are: counterflow heat exchanger, supply and exhaust fans and by-pass section with damper. There are also a choice of round or square outlets, fitted with up to two exchangers for heating and cooling, electrical switchboard and many more.

The units are limited by air flow range from 500 to 4,500 m3/h. They are supplied as plug & play design in standard, for example including the integrated electronic Control system.



As regards the energy balance:
  • air flow from 500 to 4 500 m3/h
  • mass possibility of dynamic design with final dimensions in steps of 1 mm increment for the whole range of air capacities
  • possibility of choice from two types of cladding according to heat transfer classes and thermal bridges T3 TB2 / T2 TB1 in accordance with EN 1886
  • totally separated air flows inside the unit
  • design according to EKODESIGN requirement according to EU regulation 1253/2014, ErP 2018
  • crossflow heat exchanger, selectable according to minimum efficiency and pressure loss
  • power control recuperation
  • protection against freezing
  • possibility of free-cooling
  • EC or AC fans with a large reserve for the required external pressure in the air ductwork
As regards the design:
  • design of the under-ceiling flat unit (air outlets point to the sides)
  • compact dimensions given by dynamic design
  • possibility of simultaneous mounting up to two heat exchangers - any combination of heating and cooling
  • possibility of wide choice of different types of internal components in standard design, without additional assembly modifications (joint sealing, corners etc.)
  • designed for indoor placement
  • Plug & Play devices
  • the unit is completely equipped with electronic Control system and commissioned
  • possibility to choose the surface treatment: galvanized, stainless steel, ALUZINK, painting choice of any RAL shade by painting
  • all individually for external or internal parts of the cladding, built-in parts end elements, base frame
  • sliding door system
As regards the operation of the units:
  • access to the unit from the bottom of the unit
  • the switchboard and heat exchanger connections are always on the front site
  • the condensate drain is on the opposite back site of the unit
  • smart and user-friendly control of the unit (web interface, possibility of visualization,…)
  • easy connectivity to electronic Control system
  • possibility of parameterization using PC, tablet, smartphone or directly on the controller´s display
  • possibility to use overpressure closures for safe service and maintenance
  • emphasis on easy maintenance and service of all parts of the unit


Supply part:
  • air filter (standard class F7)
  • fresh air intake damper
  • by-pass damper of the heat exchanger
  • plate cross flow heat exchanger
  • up to 2x heat exchangers can be fitted (any combination of heating and cooling)
  • fan with EC electric motor or AC motor with frequency converter
  • damping pads on air inlet as well as air outlet
Exhaust part:
  • air filter (standard class M5)
  • fan with EC electric motor or AC motor with frequency converter
  • damping pads on air inlet as well as air outlet
Optional types of internal components of the unit:
  • filters: choice from filter classes G3 to F9
  • filters: choice of types frame (MPP) 46/98mm / compact (plastic) / pocket 360/500/600mm
  • filters: track selection Euro / Unifil / Atypical dimensions (step by 10 mm)
  • filters: option Pre-filter of frame filter classes G3 to F9
  • heater: choice of electric / water / direct
  • cooler: choice of water / direct
  • fans: choice of radial fans with different impeller sizes, equipped with EC electric motors or AC motors with frequency converter
  • shut-off dampers: possibility to install dampers as internal
  • shut-off dampers on the inlet and outlet: possibility to choose standard or safety actuator with spring return
  • air outlets: square / round option.
  • connections: the positions of the connections for the heat exchangers are located on the front
  • position of the electrical connection and others are located on the front or side
  • electrical switchboard of the Control system: as internally built-in or external for any installation
  • sliding door system

Casing parameters – 2 types - T2 TB1 and T3 TB2

Casing parameters T2 TB1:  
Mechanical strength of casing: D1 (M)                     Thermal transmittance: T2
Class leakages casing: L1 (M)                     Thermal bridging of casing: TB1
Filter bypass leakage: 0.5% - F9 (M)
Casing attenuation in band: Hz 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
  dB 12 20 31 36 36 40 50
Casing parameters T3 TB2:  
Mechanical strength of casing: D1 (M)                     Thermal transmittance: T3
Class leakages casing: L1 (M)                     Thermal bridging of casing: TB2
Filter bypass leakage: 0.5% - F9 (M)
Casing attenuation in band: Hz 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
  dB 14 23 26 36 38 40 47

Technical design of the air-handling units

  The compact air-handling units can be designed using the AHUMAN designing software.
  AHUMAN provides quick and clear design including output data sheet and other output formats such as PDF or DWG.
  The design software can be downloaded on our website DOWNLOAD.
  Possibility of using our free service of engineering design by our specialists, or contact to sales representatives CONTACTS.