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RDM Multi blade regulation/adjustment damper

RDM – Multi blade regulating damper controls the airflow in HVAC systems by constricting its effective cross sections with counter-rotating blades.



  • For regulation/adjustment of the airflow
  • Very small torque needed to operate the damper
  • Manual or electrical actuating
  • Standard range from 200 × 200 mm to 2 000 × 2 000 mm
  • Leakage acc. EN 1751:
    - casing leakage: class C
  • Made of galvanised or stainless steel
  • Minimised pressure drop and noise:
    - two blade sizes
    - aerodynamic blade profile
    - casing leading edge cut at angle where appropriate
  • Includes a flange for connection to the duct
  • Silicone free, halogen free, lead free
  • UV stabilisation and flammability suppression class V-0
  • Casing, blades and mechanics reaction to fire class A1