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RKALMSquare regulation/adjustment damper

RKALM – Regulating damper is made of anodized aluminum. It serves to regulate airflow in rectangular ducts, by constricting airflow with counter-rotating blades. The damper RKALM can be installed also onto the wall as shut-off air damper.
Blades are hollow, made of aluminum, potentially with broken thermal bridge and also filled - in with thermal insulating foam.



  • For regulation of airflow inside the duct
  • Damper actuating mechanical, or electrical
  • Damper dimensions from 200 × 100 mm
    to 2 000 × 2 000 mm
  • Leaf width always 100 mm
  • Made of aluminium, protected by transparent varnish
  • Internal leakage class 2, 3 acc to EN 1751
  • Coefficient of thermal transmission per blade up to 1,3 W/m2.K
  • Includes a flange for connection to the duct on both sites