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RPM-V Round variable airflow regulator

RPM-V – The airflow regulator is intended for regulation of variable airflow in round ducts. In the case of use for varying airflow as needed, operation of HVAC equipment is more economical.



  • For regulation of variable or constant airflow
    volume in HVAC systems
  • Diameter from 80 to 630 mm
  • Airflow volume from 18 to 7 900 m3/h
  • For Air velocities from 1 m/s
  • Made of galvanized steel
  • Each regulator is equipped with an airflow pressure probe and electrical actuating (e.g. Belimo LMV-D3 MP, NMV-D3-MP or SMV-D3-MP, power supply 24 V, control power 0 –10 V, or 2 – 10 V)