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VBM-VCombined inlet and outlet ventilation box

VBM-V – combined inlet and outlet ventilation box is designed for use in DCV (demand controlled ventilation) ventilation systems. The box has the ability to regulate the air-flow of air-intake and air-exhaust air based on the actual needs in the ventilated area of industrial or residential buildings. The VBM-V box can be equipped with its own room control sensor to adjust the actual ventilation needs.



  • Box size: VBM-V 100, 125, 160
  • Range of air-flow from 30 m3/h to 320 m3/h
  • Two types of REG1 and REG2 room controllers with IP30 protection and AC / DC 24V supply voltage
  • Power supply of the box 1x230V/50Hz
  • In-box integrated sound attenuators
  • For indoor installations without the influence of outdoor weather conditions