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MCS-PElectronic control system

This system is used to monitoring and control up to 64 motorized fire dampers and is compatible with all standard 24V actuators. The system consists of communication and from a central control unit that communicates with individual communication modules via powerline technology. That means communication through 230 VAC power cable, there is no need for any additional cable for data. The entire system operates on the Master & Slave principle, where the communications modules (Slaves) have a MAC address automatically set, the superior central control unit (Master) automatically detects individual modules and no further adjustments are required.
Powerline communication technology basically allows you to select any topology of a wiring, such as a star, line, bus or tree. For all topologies, however, the same limitation applies, and that the maximum distance from the master to the farthest communication module is 1200m.



  • Connection of up to 64 communication modules BKN230-24-PL
  • Support for all standard 24 V AC / DC actuators
  • Communication via 230 V AC, Powerline technology
  • The central control module has an integrated filter
  • Free topology, max. distance between central control module and communication module 1200m
  • Automatic detection of BKN230-24-PL communication modules thanks to unique MAC address
  • Fire dampers positions display (for Belimo Topline actuators incl. angle)
  • Check the damper by pressing a button or from the central control system
  • Conventional control via optically isolated inputs
  • Relay outputs for venting the air duct
  • Open protocols Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP / IP, BACnet MS / TP or BACnet IP
  • Optional monitoring on an external computer or on the touch screen of the control panel (TCP / IP communication)
  • USB interface for optional on-site configuration and diagnostics
  • Event logging (PDF, CSV)
  • Each communication module has the possibility to connect one smoke detector
  • Measuring of the time of end switches and power consumption of fire dampers