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HELIOS Dark Tube Gas Infrared Heater

HELIOS – Dark tube gas infrared heater for heating industrial premises, warehouses, sports facilities, and also cultural centres and other buildings with a minimum ceiling height of 3.5 m.



  • Fuel - natural gas (G20, G25), propane (G31)
  • Heating capacity from 10.5 to 45 kW
  • Insulated reflective reflector, which directs radiant heat
  • Several design versions
  • Differ in performance, design of the burner housing, reflector construction and shape of the heating tube
  • Possibility of single-stage, two-stage or modulated burner design
  • Modulation range (or switching) 60-100% of capacity
  • High seasonal efficiency up to 93%
  • Own single-zone control MHS
  • Controlled analog signal 0-10 V or bus over Modbus
  • Tested for combustion of a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas, up to a proportion of H2 up to 20%

Optional accessories

  • Suspension material
  • Gas connection hose
  • Piping for exhaust gas and combustion air intake
  • Control cabinets - (MHS, Siemens Climatix)