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MONZUNGas Hot-air unit

MONZUN – Gas Hot-air unit with axial fan for ventilation and ecological heating of industrial, sports and other facilities with heated air.



  • Intended for heating of manufacturing and storage halls/areas
  • Open or closed appliances with forced exhaust of combustion gases
  • Fuels: natural gas (G20), propane (G31), propane-butane (G30 / G31)
  • Heating output: from 12 up to 54.8 kW
  • Air flow: from 2500 to 8000 m3/h
  • Installation designs: to the wall or ceiling
  • Modulated power is already in basic design (continuous power regulation)
  • Tested for burning a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas, up to 20% H2

Optional accessories

  • console/ cantilever
  • connecting gas hose
  • exhaust ducts and intake of combustion air
  • control cabinets