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NTDPressure-tight damper

Technology abilities demonstration:

NTD – is product designed and developed to fulfill requirements of individual special project according to the conditions Customer. NTD is not intended for direct offers and serves as technology abilities demonstration only. This product is not standardly available in MANDÍK, a.s.


NTD – Durable pressure-tight damper for fast hermetic separation of HVAC sections. Resistant to seismic events and radiation, high pressure and high flow velocities. Can be used as a tight and insulating damper or separate hermetic seal.



  • Actual dimensions available min. 400 × 270 mm,
    max. 1000 × 1000 mm (exact dimensions on request – rectangular version with round blade section only, round adaptors available)
  • Made of stainless steel, casing 8 mm
  • Welded construction with pickling and passivation
  • Rolling bearings, long service interval
  • Used non-metalic materials has minimal content of halogen particles (Halogen-free)
  • Electrical actuator (SIPOS), pneumatic (STASTO), manual
  • Tested for airflow of 8,42 m3/s, usable to airspeed over 25 m/s
  • Seismic resistant
  • Casing tightness and closed-blade tightness (in both directions) 10 l/h.m2 (closed blade leakage value is relation to pressure load)
  • Possible evaluation of closed blade and shaft leakage without dismantling from the duct
  • Pressure difference 10 kPa (inner pressure against surrounding)
  • Max. operation temperature 125 °C
  • Hight operational resistance (qualified by cycling test)
  • Radiation resistance min. 10 kGy
  • Dekontaminable
  • Qualified limit switches for positions open/closed available
  • Guaranteed life duration 40 years (under keeping the prescribed producers conditions)