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NTDCPressure-tight valve

NTDC – End manual pressure-tight closure for hermetic separation of round sections. Resistant to seismic events and radiation, high pressure and high flow velocities. Can be used as a manual hermetic seal for liquids and liquids.



  • Dimensions acc. to customers specification and availability of flanges as per EN 1092-1 (round design with round blade section only)
  • Made of stainless steel, carbon steel painted, or combination
  • Welded construction with axial movement of the blade
  • Screw-shifted, maintenance free design
  • Used non-metalic materials has minimal content of halogen particles (Halogen-free)
  • Manual design only
  • Tested to 25 m/s
  • Seismic resistant
  • Casing tightness and closed-blade tightness (in both directions) 10 l/h.m2 (closed blade leakage value is relation to pressure load)
  • Pressure difference 10 kPa (inner pressure against surrounding)
  • Radiation resistance min. 10 kGy
  • Dekontaminable
  • Guaranteed life duration 40 years (under keeping the prescribed producers conditions)