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New air regulating dampers RDM and RDTM

We launch the new generation of air regulating dampers RDM and RDTM from the February 2022.

Main advantages:
> only one single actuator per one damper up to size 2000x2000 mm (RDTM with „fail safe“ function max. two)
> low torque needed to operate the dampers
> air tightness class 3C
> silicone free design (EPDM rubber gaskets)
> solid and aerodynamic shape of blades
> rounded edges of the flange corners
> included in Mansel software (Mandík air-elements calculation tool)
Differences between „old“ generation and new dampers RDM a RDTM:
  RDTM+RDM (new) RKTM+RKM (older generation)
Aerodynamic shape
145x28; 95x19
Flat + square 100x19
  Cross section % 81%; 80% 81%
  Air tightness class acc. EN 1751 3C
3C for min. 0,3 m2 and
min. 6 lamel, rest 2C
  Air velocity in duct 12 m/s 12 m/s
  Max. pressure difference
1200 Pa … 1500 Pa
1000 Pa for A > 1600
1200 Pa … 1500 Pa
  T min … max
  (with actuators)
-20°C … +70°C
(0°C … 50°C)
-20°C … +80°C
(0°C … 50°C)
Please see technical data sheets RDM / RDTM, visit following web pages RDM / RDTM, or do not hesitate to contact our sales team.
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